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all photos /microblading work by Danielle howe~browlliant - Please report stolen work

Hi There, I'm Danielle...

Thanks for visiting Browlliant!! 

I started in the beauty industry young achieving over 18 years of experience and 7 years of PMU & Microblading.

My passion has always been helping others look and feel great... but I wanted to extend my knowledge so I ventured off to nursing school...


I then figured...


Why not mix my diverse skills to give to the community and offer my work pro bono to cancer victims and burn victims. 


Since then, it has become so much more -

My style is 100% craft customized to a client's needs and wants. For example, I may tailor Microblading to improve arch, shape and definition while providing natural realistic hair-like strokes. This will mimic fuller, thicker, younger eyebrows.

Many artists offer the same brow style for everyone, however, it is important to figure out exactly what you want as every person's face has a different shape, bone structure, type of skin (Skin Type: Oily, Dry, etc), hair color, and most importantly... OPINION!


Always ask your artist what product line they use and GOOGLE it! I only use top quality (Metal-Free) products. You can easily tell if it is cheap by the cost and creditability. 

Read about my horrific waxing story and experience in the"About Us" section. I do not wish a bad experience upon anyone, therefore I urge anyone who is interested to always check your artist's work, experience/background and the products they use. Do as much due diligence as possible so that you get exactly what you want...     


After all...    It is your face... 

Tell us what you want?

Thanks for submitting!

My clients tend to be people who have had a bad waxing or threading experience, people who over-pluck or simply have lost hair (hair loss) over the years and want to add the definition for fuller, bolder younger-looking brows and/or head.


What is nice about Microblading is it's not permanent; although it is considered a tattoo, it is temporary and does not go as deep into the skin so if you ever want to change it up.. you can!

I provide constant research on products and procedures to ensure that you are receiving the best quality. The top line machines and products are not cheap, therefore you may simply ask the make or brand of whatever machinery and product one is using to see if it is going to give good results. This is why I am trusted by people in the medical field, professional models and the thespian community.  

I still offer Pro Bono work for Cancer and Burn Victims. 


I would love to meet you and hear all about what you want!


Each new client is like a new canvas for a painting I get to work on and I love a challenge. Call my personal cell (925) 487- 6621 so that you may ask me any questions you are curious about. Can't wait to hear from you ~ Deposits are non-refundable

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This will consist of the clients goals mixed with what is professionally recommended to determine the perfect brow~
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