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Welcome to BROWLLIANT~ a World of Brilliant Brows

Browlliant's founder Danielle Howe

Hi, I'm Danielle Howe...

A lover of nature and natural beauty; which is why I started Browlliant, right in the beautiful Boca Raton of Florida.

My eyebrow obsession started at a very young age. I was 18-year old makeup artist just loved improving one's brows!


Excited to change my own, I decided to go to a well known fancy salon thinking they would be more trustworthy to do a fabulous job... well...


It was then when I had a tragic irreversible eyebrow experience..


The esthetician completely waxed off most of my eyebrows, causing them to go in different directions, while somehow making them look flatter than when I came in. I was horrified and my hair never grew back!

Since then...


I have continuously educated myself on how to achieve a beautiful,

more elegant brow while complimenting the bone structure of one's face.  

My most recent mission in perfecting my skill was becoming a

Phibrows Certified Practitioner.

My continuous goal is to give back and assist chemotherapy, cancer patients and burn victims by providing realistic, natural-looking hairlike strokes. Chemo patients and burn victims still receive Pro-Bono...


As my passion grew, microblading has become so much more than a hobby...

I take my work very seriously and find it extremely important to give my clients exactly what they want so there are No Surprises!


My microblading sessions are held in a private setting in a prestigious country club community in Boca Raton, FL. I deliver a V.I.P., full spa experience in total privacy. No awkward and uncomfortable salons. Safety, privacy, and cleanliness are my No. 1 priority.

It is important that you prep and learn about aftercare for optimal results which you may also read up on my tips and tricks in the "Before and After Care" section and educated yourself on all, there is to know with: "Microblading 101" . Check out some styles below!


(Serving beauties from all over: Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach,  Aventura, Sunny Isles, even New York and San Francisco have made an effort to book and travel here!)

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