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Always ask as many questions as you can so all of your Best Microblading needs are met - 

  • How long does Microblading take?
    The initial Microblading session can take anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 hours depending on the person. Anyone who says they can finish quickly; I would do more due diligence to make sure they take the necessary time needed to give you the best brows for your face. The touch up can be anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, again depending on the person.
  • Is a touchup necessary?
    Yes! In fact, it is after the touch up where you will say "WOW!!! They are even more perfect". The touch up provides those tiny little baby in between hairs to help make the brow fuller and more realistic looking. It also helps with any pigment loss, or gaps that occur in the process, especially if the after care is not followed properly. It is the final perfection touch!
  • How is the color determined?
    It's simple, you tell me what color you would like, I mix it and show you with a stroke.. and we go from there. I am more than happy to provide my suggestion, but it is more important that you have what YOU want. Normally I suggest to follow your true hair color so it looks the most realistic. If I have not already made it obvious... My niche is a natural realistic looking brow.
  • I had a bad microblading experience, what can I do?"
    Depending on the current Microblading you have, we may offer different solutions to either add or remove to set the perfect canvas for new beautiful new eyebrows. Ask about Microblading removal as that is a simple procedure that will lift and remove your pigment! On many occasions we have covered poor pigment quality or previous tattooing, you just need a consult so we can talk about what is best for you.
  • Is scabbing normal?
    After Microblading, the skin may scab and peel which is completely normal and a natural part of the healing process. Skin may seem patchy, scabby in the first one to two weeks. DO NOT pick at your scabs as they should fall off naturally. When you apply ointment, dab on lightly, and avoid any scrubbing, wiping that may promote exfoliation. At first, it may seem like you lost pigment, this is not the case as the pigment will slowly start to re-appear as it heals and will level out. Everyone's skin is different and will heal differently, therefore it is so important for everyone to do as much research on the procedure and their artist. Keep in mind the healing process is a minimum of two weeks and getting to the perfect brows is a process. so, patience, good quality of artists, tools, and product are key. furthermore - pre-care and after-care is instrumental!
  • Why Browlliant over others?
    I would say if you are going for a fully customized best look for your dimensions and face where it looks like a true natural brow, then Browlliant is a good fit. There are Artists who offer a perfect beautiful design, however, keep in mind people will more likely be able to tell you have had Microblading done.


Randi before and after 2.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 9.06.06 PM.png

My brows lacked an arch and were different because of a scar on my left eyebrow. Now I have two beautiful more glamorous eyebrows that mimic each other. I am extremely happy! I googled "Best Microblading Near Me" and saw all of the 5-star reviews!

Being a PA (Physician Assistant) and working in a medical office, it was important to me to go to someone with medical knowledge and who could provide the best quality. Danielle answered all questions in detail! I LOVE MY BROWS

I am always in the water and playing sports. I would constantly have to draw on my eyebrows when going out, but now I actually have good quality eyebrows while I swim, play sports, and go out! 

Randi Barlett, Anesthesiologist

Jessica Kiki, Physician Assistant

Jaime Habhab, Pilot & Chef

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